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A.W. Chesterton – Sealing Solutions & Protective Coatings

With over 130 years of commitment to the marine industry, A.W. Chesterton Company is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of mechanical seals, packing and gaskets, polymer seals, lubricants, and technical products, as well as ARC (Advanced Reinforced Composites) coatings. Each product line is positioned to provide value-driven solutions to meet industry needs.

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Innovative mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability, and extend the performance of fluid handling. 

To be a full-service provider takes a wide array of high-quality, engineered sealing products that address your needs. Some of the standard offerings are: Split Seals, Cartridge Seals, Cassette Seals, Gas Seals, Slurry Seals, Mixer / Agitator Seals, Bearing and Gearbox Protection, Component Seals and Spiral Tac.

Most widely used mechanical seals in the marine industry:

Chesterton S10 Single Cassette Seal – engineered to meet the majority of plant-wide applications; all wearing parts are contained in a single, replaceable cassette unit with a common, universal gland. Repairs involve only an exchange of cassettes. 

Chesterton 150 Single Cartridge Seal – cost effective option designed for baseline applications and for upgrading packed or component sealed equipment.

Chesterton 442C Cartridge Split Seal – combines superior performance  with ease of installation without the need for teardowns; it offers maximum installation flexibility with its short axial length and flexible gland positioning; simplifies repair by using a standard spare parts kit.

Mechanical Seal Repair Centers

In addition, we can offer mechanical seal repairs supported through Chesterton Munich and Chesterton Hungary – Mechanical Seal Repair Centers.

The above centers, which are ISO certified, were created to support the European Market, where not only Chesterton seals are repaired but also any seal type and size of another maker i.e.: Pillar, Flowserve, Framo, Burgman, IMO, Naniwa etc. Both Chesterton repair center facilities ensure quick repair, detailed documentation, fast deliveries and relevant Chesterton seal warranty for 6 months.

Chesterton’s advanced packing uses the latest in fiber, lubricant and braiding technology to deliver superior leakage control. Fibers are individually coated with lubricant before braiding, thus eliminating wicking and providing superior blocking for longer, leak-free performance and lower life-cycle costs for  your valves and pumps. 

With a state-of-the-art valve testing facility Chesterton conducts both API and ISO test protocols and provides a wide range of services to many valve manufacturers. With the ability to simulate many critical applications, we can help you choose the right valve and packing for your needs.

Most widely used packings in the marine industry:

Chesterton 1400R – reinforced, braided, graphite packing with a corrosion inhibitor – ideal for high temperature high pressure applications.

Chesterton 412W – combines a newly developed synthetic composite yarn with a specially formulated break-in lubricant; inter-braided construction, superior tensile strength.

Chesterton 1727 – synthetic packing designed for general service pump applications. It consists of inter-braided, continuous, synthetic thermoset fibers immunized with PTFE lubricant and a silicon-free, break-in, sacrifical lubricant.

Chesterton 477-1 – multi-purpose packing, combines a new yarn formulation with superior blocking agents preventing penetration of gases and liquids through the packing.

Chesterton 3500 Valvelon – a multi-layered 100% PTFE packing/sealant withstands a wide range of temperatures and seals virtually all chemicals; ideal for valve packing and flange gaskets.

Many factors must be considered when choosing the proper gasket for an application including safety, temperature, pressure, the media to be sealed, equipment conditions, versatility of the product and cost. Chesterton’s wide range of gasket prodcuts means that we can address flange sealing needs from water to critical high-temperature, high-pressure process conditions.

Most widely used gaskets in the marine industry:

Chesterton 359 Graphite Gasket – cost-effective, general purpose graphite sheet reinforced with 304 stainless steel foil insert; excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability

Chesterton 450 Synthetic Fiber Gasket – low temperature, non-asbestos sheet, suitable for general services up to 200°C and 25bar, recommended for use in water, gas, brine and steam applications

Chesterton 455 Aramid Fiber Gasket – general purpose sheet gasket offering good sealability and chemical resistance. It incorporates synthetic fiber with nitrile binder and can be used against water, salt solutions, organic alkali aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ester, oils, gases up to 300°C. 

Chesterton 457 Carbon Fiber Gasket – high-temperature, non-asbestos sheet gasket recommended for use in a broad range of steam, water, oil and hydrocarbon applications. 

Chesterton 459 Graphite Gasket – graphite sheet with a nickel foil reinforcement for use in high temperature, high pressure flange applications.

Chesterton 860 MPG Moldable Polymer Gasketing – creates ultra thin gaskets that conform to irregular surfaces.

ARC-EPC products are engineered using the latest technologies and advanced material formulations – from ceramic bead reinforcement to nanotechnology – to withstand the most challenging environments. ARC’s highly experienced engineering staff is constantly at work on new, innovative coating solutions to meet the needs of industries’ critical application environments.

ARC products protect metal and concrete surfaces that are exposed to demanding environmental conditions like UV, chlorides, erosion and corrosion.

Most widely used ARC products in the marine industry:

Chesterton ARC 855 – 100% solids, ceramic reinforced, thin film coating to protect metal against chemicals and corrosion.

Chesterton ARC 858 – 100% solids, thick film, ceramic reinforced abrasion control epoxy compound, formulated to protect metals against erosion, corrosion and chemical attack.

Chesterton ARC HT-S – 100% solids glass/ceramic reinforced novolac epoxy for high temperature aqueous cold wall corrosion conditions.

Chesterton ARC 5ES – 100% solids, 2 in 1 emergency patch and leak seal repair epoxy putty. 

Chesterton ARC SD4i – 100% solids, advanced reinforced thin film coating to protect structures and equipment in extreme immersion conditions.


– highest corrosion protection

– outstanding adhesion

– extreme abrasion resistance

– high resistance to impact

– high bending flexibility

– chemical and thermal resistance

– direct application on steel, stainless steel, concrete

– high savings on application costs

– simple use

– extreme durability

– solvent free


Chesterton’s Industrial Lubricants are engineered to reduce operational cost by extending equipment life and improving efficiency.

Chesterton 421 Clear Protective Coating – clear, oil and water resistant acrylic coating provides impermeable, flexible film and protects surfaces against oxidization, water, oil, chemicals and corrosion.

Chesterton 601 Chain Drive Pin & Bushing Lubricant – premium quality oil formulated to penetrate between the close clearance of chain drive bushings and pins, wire ropes and cables. It provides a long lasting, non-drying film which lubricates metal surfaces so they run smoothly with far less wear.

Chesterton 706 Rustsolvo Penetrating Oil – a high quality, penetrating oil that reaches inaccessible areas and frees frozen nuts, bolts and fittings without damaging the base metal.

Chesterton 725/772 Nickel Anti-Seize Compound – a high performance, nickel-based  compound that eases mechanical assembly and disassembly; withstands temperature up to 1425°C. 

Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard – a unique polymer-modified wax that protects heavy-duty metals without critical surface preparation for all areas exposed to humidity and corrosive fumes.

Chesterton 783 ACR Corrosion-Resistant Anti-Seize – non-metallic, high pressure thread lubricant, water resistant, high heat resistant.

Chesterton 785/785FG Parting Lubricant – ceramic-based, high performance, anti-seize compound/thread lubricant; withstands severe temperature and pressure conditions.

Chesterton’s Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers are designed to improve efficiency, performance and productivity for the cleaning process.

Chesterton 292 PDS Precision Degreasing Solvent – cleans equipment instantly before disassembly and repair.

Chesterton 273 Electric Motor Cleaner – non-flammable, high dielectric strength, degreases while in operation.

Chesterton 294 Critical Surface Degreaser – general purpose; dissolves resins and adhesives.

Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover – biodegradable, acid-based detergent cleaner, removes rust from ferrous materials and corrosion from aluminium

Chesterton 763 Rust Transformer – acid-based product that reacts with rust and transforms it into a corrosion-inhibiting surface.

Chesterton 800 GoldEnd Sealant Tape – heavy-duty, high density, tear-resistant, moldable PTFE sealing tape for use on metal or plastic threads, pipes and bolts.

Chesterton 803 – biodegradable, water-based degreaser offers maximum efficiency in soil removal, especially for applications where solvent use is restricted.


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