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Marine Gearboxes

German manufacturer of marine reduction and reverse – reduction gearboxes up to 30.000kW for workboats, fast ships and fast ferries since 1955 with its experience as a manufacturer extending to nearly 140 years. 

Reintjes gearboxes are characterized by customized production, optimum efficiency and a high level of reliability and persistence. Besides the development of standardized marine gearboxes, Reintjes specializes in customized drive solutions for special applications. The continuous improvement of expert knowledge combined with constant development of the product range enables Reintjes to make individual and complex customer requirements a reality.

As the official distributor of Reintjes for Greece, TK Intertrade can guide you in selecting the optimal gearbox for your intended use and provide you with the spare parts for any service or maintenance job, as well as, perform inspections, repairs and overhauls both on board your vessel and in our authorized service station facilities.

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The REINTJES gearboxes of the WAF/LAF, SVA/SVAL and DLG series have been specially developes for heavy duty applications  in workboatds such as tugs, trawlers, inland waterwat vessels, ferries, tankers, offshore vessels, container vessels and special-purpose ships with coparably high demands. Their outstanding features are optimal efficiency, high reliability and a long services life.


WAF LAF 164-573   

WAF LAF 665-1993   

WAF LAF 2346-7790

SVA SVAL 630-1400

DLG 1113-110131

The WVS/WLS series convince by low weight due to their weight-optimized design and optimal running characteristics. These factors make the hydraulically operated gearboxes the ideal propulsion unit – whether for fixed pitch propellers, controlable pitch propellers or waterjets. These gearboxes have been specially designed for use in fast naval craft, yachts and other fast vessels.


WVS / WLS 234-430     WVS / WLS 720-2240

The REINTJES gearboxed type VLJ have a compact, low-weight design as well as optimal running characteristics, which make the hydraulic actuated VLJ reduction gearboxes an essential part of optimally designed waterjets.


VLJ 430-7541

The latest addition to the production program are the Down Angle gearboxes of type WVSA with a space saving design, 8 to 10 degrees down angle, hydraulically operated clutches, beveloid gears on input and output shaft, reductions 1.5 to 4 and laid out for outputs up to 4900kW.


WVSA 240-1540


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