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Measuring Instruments & Monitoring Systems

Dr. E. Horn GmbH & Co. KG Germany is a leading manufacturer of high-performance instrumentation and measurement systems, certified by ISO and approved by MAN-B&W. 

The vast variety of products include absolute encoders, analog display units, converters/speed limit switches, eddy-current tachometers, sensors, digital measuring units, tachogenerators, handheld tachometers.

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Water In Oil Sensor

The water in oil sensor is suitable for the detection of water penetration in a hydraulic oil or lubricating oil circuit. The working principle of the sensor is a capacitive measurement of the water content in oil. The physically measured value is called “water activity” (aw). The sensor measures the content of dissolved water in oil and triggers an alarm, as soon as the water limit which has been set as Pre Alarm Value, is exceeded. The innovative sensor allows an innovative monitoring of oils in the preventive maintenance of 2/4 stroke diesel engines, compressors, gearboxes etc. 

Speed Sensors

Speed sensors consist of a metal housing in which the elements of the sensors are embedded and for some types, also the electronics. This construction makes them mechanically robust and safe against disturbances from foreign circuits.

Inductive Pulse Pickup FGL1/.. 

Turbocharger Speed Sensor FGL 1/16 & FG 20.1

Magnetic Field Pulse Pickup

DC and AC Tachogenerators 

Distance Sensors

Distance Sensor IW000184 with Temperature Compensation

Distance Sensor Motors & Turbines

Angle Sensors

The EGD 50.5X sensor series are magnetically operating absolute encoders with one/two CAN interface and one/two 4-20mA signal outputs, typically available as dual encoders for main drives, rudder systems and other applications.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors like TGL014xxx  measure the pressure occurring in the engine compartment against the atmosphere. With this measurement, piston defects can be detected. 

Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic sensors are used for different measuring tasks, like speed and motion detection in a very universal way.

FGL8… magnetic field pulse sensor 

Sensor for measurement of magnetic fields

BDMS 2-Stroke Bearing Monitoring

Monitoring the bearings in large 2-stroke marine diesel engines warns in the event of a critical rise in temperature and / or high bearing wear, which can lead to sudden damage or accident at sea. Our monitoring system type BDMS / BTMS provides a compact solution for this new form of bearing monitoring. It is a combinable system for temperature monitoring and for monitoring of bearing condition. A “Condition Monitoring” certificate (CM) is available.

CPS 4-Stroke Bearing Monitoring

The Crank-Case protection system is designed for monitoring of bearings of 4-stroke diesel engines. It provides information at an early stage about upcoming damages caused by friction, especially of bearings.

Oil Mist Detector

The compact oil mist detector type TGL015 / TGL017 for engine room monitoring of diesel and gas engines is a reliable and inexpensive motor protection system to measure the opacity of the engine room atmosphere and the engine room pressure. It is mounted in the engine ventilation and therefore, needs no time-consuming piping on the engine. 

Cylinder Liner Temperature Measuring System

Dr. E. Horn CLTS monitors the piston running performance by measuring the temperature of the upper part of the cylinder liner. Individual temperature alarm limits can be set via the monitoring system in the engine control room to give early warning about a high thermal load and potential cylinder liner scuffing.  

Cylinder Pressure Measurement

This meter is used to measure pressure in the cylinder and for ultrasound measurements of two-stroke and four-stroke engines during operation.

Digital Indicator 72-173… for represenation of all physical parameters i.e.: speed, velocity, flow rate, determines the frequency present as an electric voltage.

Analog Tacho-Indicator EAF with Frequency-Current Converter.

Analog Display Unit Type EAD designed for use on ships. Typical applications are the display of thrust direction and rudder angle for POD drives, propeller pitch, propeller and engine speed and any other physical quantities.


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