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TK Intertrade is excited to announce the introduction of maritime software services through our newest collaboration with Herberg Systems GmbH.

Specializing in the development of software systems for the marine industry, Herberg Systems has created – among others – Fleettracker, a web-based management system for vessel tracking, reporting and data analysis.

With the aim of facilitating the daily monitoring of operational features and offering solutions for gathering reliable data fast, while minimizing any additional work for the crew on board, Fleettracker enables:

      Automatic reports for EU MRV and IMO DCS

  • Software specially developed for emissions reporting
  • View emissions data and correct errors with a few clicks through the Data Quality Tool indicating the required corrections
  • Service is verifier independent: export data in various format

      Fleet performance monitoring

  • Fuel consumption management & cargo efficiency
  • View and compare current and past EEOI
  • Data in excel files and versatile charts / graphics
  • Create individual analysis

     World-wide fleet tracking

  • Past track history
  • Sea charts and risk areas
  • Weather forecast
  • Distance calculator

     Schedule management and reporting

  • Vessel schedule information
  • View agent data & port activities
  • Performance reports
  • Online form processing

Other advantages include: software that can be integrated into the existing systems on board and easy web-based installation (no hardware necessary), first class support, unlimited number of accounts and a monthly right of termination.

We are pleased to announce that TK INTERTRADE PC has been appointed with the exclusive representation of MCCABE & SONS INC. in Greece.

MCCABE & SONS INC. is a US American company family owned and operated since 1938.

The McCabe Water Level Indicator Paste and the McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste were developed as tools to enhance and facilitate the accuracy of tank gauging and inventory verification for the petrochemical industry.

Since then the company has evolved through direct business involvement in the barge and shipping industry, service stations, petroleum terminals and refineries, inventory control, calibration and laboratory analysis.


  • The H2O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste is a dark green paste that turns dark red when it comes into contact with water. The H2O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste is used to detect free water in almost all petroleum products as well as some petrochemicals. McCabe H2O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste can also be used to determine the presence of water and water/alcohol bottoms in ethanol gasoline. 
  • The McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste is a light sky blue paste that turns a darker blue when immersed in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, naphtha, #2 heating oil, light crude oil, jet fuel and others.