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Feathering Propellers

A new generation of feathering propellers for sailing yachts.

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User-friendly superior feathering propeller. The VARIPROP blades automatically balance themselves into the position with the least drag creating optimal sailing characteristics for your yacht.

VARIPROP GP 2-blade for small sailing yachts with an engine power of 6-40kW / 8-30HP.

VARIPROP GP 3-blade for cruising yachts with an engine power of 6-100kW / 8-140 HP.

VARIPROP GP 4-blade for offshore vessels.


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Feathering propellers for boats and yacht with engines up to 75hp.

The 2-blade VARIPROFILE is an excellent alternative to a folding propeller due to the minimum of drag while sailing and good thrust under motor.

THe 3-blade VARIPROFILE offers excellent sailing performance due to the reduced drag and provides maximum thrust, quiet running and stable performance because of the profiled blades. It offers more than 30% less consumption compared to a fixed propeller.


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Modern folding propellers for engines from 20 up to 750hp with cambered blade design and excellent thrust. 

The VARIFOLD 2-blade is available in sizes 12″-17″ both for shaft assemblies and for the saildrive. Modern blade design for smooth running and minimum noise and vibration.

The VARIFOLD 3-blade is developed especially for cruising and racing yachts and offers a combination of good thrust, improved performance in reverse manoeuvers and smooth, quiet running when powered.

The VARIFOLD 4-blade propeller delivers greatly increased top speed under sail and smoother running when powered.


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