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Jastram Manoeuvering Competence

Jastram GmbH & Co. KG Hamburg, Germany is a specialist for Transverse Thrusters, Low-Noise Thrusters, Azimuth Grid Thrusters, Thruster Drives and Controls and an internationally recognized company in the marine engineering and equipment market.   Jastram specializes in fixed pitch propeller (FPP) thrusters which require minimal servicing due to their solidity and durability. To improve performance the propeller design is continuously modified according to the latest developments. With electric drive systems ranging from the low-cost 3-step control for onshore maneuvering to the frequency-controlled drive for offshore dynamic positioning Jastram offers transverse thrusters, 50 kW to 1650 kW, for a wide variety of vessel types.

Noise-reduced maneuvering systems from Jastram meet the international mega-yacht industry’s demand for the ultimate comfort. Active and passive low-noise thrusters from Jastram offer sophisticated technologies for silent maneuvering in ports and during offshore dynamic positioning. A patented technology with reduced cavitation noise makes it a recognized mega-yacht supplier.            

The Jastram azimuth grid thruster is capable of providing highly accurate dynamic positioning, responsive steering, and emergency propulsion. Resistant to grounding, suitable for shallow water and low-noise operating mode make the Jastram azimuth grid thruster the optimal solution for unique applications.     In addition, a team of expert engineers, a fully stocked and readily available spare parts inventory and 24-hour worldwide service ensure complete system reliability for all marine applications.  

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