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Sealing Solutions and Protective Coatings

Chesterton USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of mechanical seals, packings and gaskets, polymer seals, lubricants and technical products, as well as, ARC (Advanced Reinforced Composites) coatings. Each product line is positioned to provide value-driven solutions to meet industry needs.

Chesterton has been using high performance materials, formulations and designs to solve your toughest problems. We can provide simplified solutions with documented success and recognition across the globe. By using only one specific product (Packing+Seal+ARC) for all your sealing applications throughout your fleet, company purchasing expenses can be reduced significantly.

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Innovative mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability, and extend the performance of fluid handling. 

To be a full-service provider takes a wide array of high-quality, engineered sealing products that address your needs. Some of the standard offerings are: Split Seals, Cartridge Seals, Cassette Seals, Gas Seals, Slurry Seals, Mixer / Agitator Seals, Bearing and Gearbox Protection, Component Seals and Spiral Tac.


In addition, we can offer mechanical seal repairs supported through Chesterton Munich and Chesterton Hungary – Mechanical Seal Repair Centers.

The above centers, which are ISO certified, were created to support the European Market, where not only Chesterton seals are repaired but also any seal type and size of another maker i.e.: Pillar, Flowserve, Framo, Burgman, IMO, Naniwa etc. Both Chesterton repair center facilities ensure quick repair, detailed documentation, fast deliveries and relevant Chesterton seal warranty for 6 months.

Chesterton’s advanced packing uses the latest in fiber, lubricant and braiding technology to deliver superior leakage control. Fibers are individually coated with lubricant before braiding, thus eliminating wicking and providing superior blocking for longer, leak-free performance and lower life-cycle costs for  your valves and pumps. 

With a state-of-the-art valve testing facility Chesterton conducts both API and ISO test protocols and provides a wide range of services to many valve manufacturers. With the ability to simulate many critical applications, we can help you choose the right valve and packing for your needs.


Many factors must be considered when choosing the proper gasket for an application including safety, temperature, pressure, the media to be sealed, equipment conditions, versatility of the product and cost. Chesterton’s wide range of gasket prodcuts means that we can address flange sealing needs from water to critical high-temperature, high-pressure process conditions.

ARC-EPC products are engineered using the latest technologies and advanced material formulations – from ceramic bead reinforcement to nanotechnology – to withstand the most challenging environments. ARC’s highly experienced engineering stadd is constantly at work on new, innovative coating solutions to meet the needs of industries’ critical application environments.

Use ARC Efficiency & Protective Coatings to:

– Revitalize worn equipment and damaged concrete surfaces previously considered irreparable.

– Provide cost-effective, long-term corrosion prevention compared to exotic alloys and conventional coatings.

– Increase operational efficiency frequently resulting in higher sustained output.



Sealing Solutions & Protective Coatings

Marine Gearboxes

Measuring Instruments & Monitoring Systems

Feathering Propellers

Spare Parts

Marine Gearboxes

German manufacturer of marine reduction gears and reverse – reduction gears up to 30.000kW. Manufacturing gearboxes since 1929, Reintjes is drawing on decades of experience and stands for quality and expertise in its field offering customized drive solutions.   



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The REINTJES gearboxes of the WAF/LAF, SVA/SVAL and DLG series have been specially developes for heavy duty applications  in workboatds such as tugs, trawlers, inland waterwat vessels, ferries, tankers, offshore vessels, container vessels and special-purpose ships with coparably high demands. Their outstanding features are optimal efficiency, high reliability and a long services life.

The WVS/WLS series convince by low weight due to their weight-optimized design and optimal running characteristics. These factors make the hydraulically operated gearboxes the ideal propulsion unit – whether for fixed pitch propellers, controlable pitch propellers or waterjets. These gearboxes have been specially designed for use in fast naval craft, yachts and other fast vessels.

The REINTJES gearboxed type VLJ have a compact, low-weight design as well as optimal running characteristics, which make the hydraulic actuated VLJ reduction gearboxes an essential part of optimally designed waterjets.

The latest addition to the production program are the Down Angle gearboxes of type WVSA with a space saving design, 8 to 10 degrees down angle, hydraulically operated clutches, beveloid gears on input and output shaft, reductions 1.5 to 4 and laid out for outputs up to 4900kW.

Measuring Instruments and Monitoring Systems

Dr. E. Horn GmbH & Co. KG Germany is a leading manufacturer of high-performance instrumentation and meaurement systems, certified by ISO and approved by MAN-B&W. 

The vast variety of products include absolute encoders, analog display units, converters/speed limit switches, eddy-current tachometers, sensors, digital measuring units, tachogenerators, handheld tachometers.

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The sensor is suitable for the detection of water penetration in a hydraulic oil or lubricating oil circuit. The working principle of the sensor is a capacitive measurement of the water content in oil. The physically measured value is called “water activity” (aw).

The compact oil mist detector type for engine room monitoring of diesel and gas engines is a reliable and inexpensive motor protection system to measure the opacity of the engine room atmosphere and the engine room pressure. It is mounted in the engine ventilation and therefore, needs no time-consuming piping on the engine. 

Monitoring the bearings in large 2-stroke marine diesel engines warns in the event of a critical rise in temperature and / or high bearing wear, which can lead to sudden damage or accident at sea. Our monitoring system type BDMS / BTMS provides a compact solution for this new form of bearing monitoring. It is a combinable system for temperature monitoring and for monitoring of bearing condition. A “Condition Monitoring” certificate (CM) is available.

This meter is used to measure pressure in the cylinder and for ultrasound measurements of two-stroke and four-stroke engines during operation.


A new generation of feathering propellers for sailing yachts.

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User-friendly superior feathering propeller. The VARIPROP blades automatically balance themselves into the position with the least drag creating optimal sailing characteristics for your yacht.

VARIPROP GP 2-blade for small sailing yachts with an engine power of 6-40kW / 8-30HP.

VARIPROP GP 3-blade for cruising yachts with an engine power of 6-100kW / 8-140 HP.

VARIPROP GP 4-blade for offshore vessels.



Feathering propellers for boats and yacht with engines up to 75hp.

The 2-blade VARIPROFILE is an excellent alternative to a folding propeller due to the minimum of drag while sailing and good thrust under motor.

THe 3-blade VARIPROFILE offers excellent sailing performance due to the reduced drag and provides maximum thrust, quiet running and stable performance because of the profiled blades. It offers more than 30% less consumption compared to a fixed propeller.


Modern folding propellers for engines from 20 up to 750hp with cambered blade design and excellent thrust. 

The VARIFOLD 2-blade is available in sizes 12″-17″ both for shaft assemblies and for the saildrive. Modern blade design for smooth running and minimum noise and vibration.

The VARIFOLD 3-blade is developed especially for cruising and racing yachts and offers a combination of good thrust, improved performance in reverse manoeuvers and smooth, quiet running when powered.

The VARIFOLD 4-blade propeller delivers greatly increased top speed under sail and smoother running when powered.